Horse Riding Sierra Nevada: Safety vs Money

Horse Riding Sierra Nevada

Horse Riding Sierra Nevada: safety vs money. That is the dilemma. A lot of times costumers push me to take a route or ride at speeds they are not ready for. What to do then? Should I lose the costumers in aras of security or follow the dictum “the costumer is always right” and get into dangerous situations?

It is a kind of circus exercise, how to balance both ends and be successful. Especially dangerous are the situations with small kids without riding experience. The parents expect me to take the kids to the outside, their first day of riding when the kid is six, five or even less. Then, I recommend to take a riding lesson in the small arena I have and I lose the costumer.

Horse Riding Sierra Nevada

Another problem is the real ability vs what you think it is your ability. The rider it is not able to control his/her horse at walk, they can hardly trot and they ask me for a “wild canter”. I can refuse and get ugly looks or I can agree and be partially responsible for an accident.

Horse Riding Sierra Nevada

And to me, the last but not the least of the problems are the horses. How good it is a horse vs how good you think a horse is. The difference is huge. For example, I am lucky enough for owning three or four Master Horses. A master horse is well trained and he will take care of you under any circumstance: rivers, cars, risky passages, complicated routes… It is the kind of horse I will take if I needed to go to the end of the world. He is not the youngest, the fastest or the bigger one, but he is the ONE. I am afraid a lot of people they do not agree. They want young horses, fast horses, difficult horses. In most of cases (there are rare exceptions) these rider are not trained enough to ride these kind of horses in this terrain. If they do not have a problem in the river, they will have it with the cars if not they will have it with a shadow. So, what to do? Should I get complaints as “…the horse you gave me is old, the horse you gave me is slow, that horse is not fit enough…” or should I let them ride a different kind and having an ugly fall? Of course, the ideal horse is young, strong, big, well trained, afraid of anything… I am sorry, I do not own any of this kind (I wish), I have some Master Horses, but I do not own any Miracle Horse.

Horse Riding Sierra Nevada Horse Riding Sierra Nevada

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