Sierra Nevada Horse Riding

Riding Sierra Nevada: full horse trek day


– We will climb over 2000m high, Sierra Nevada National Park.

– We will leave at 9:00 in the morning from Guejar Sierra and we will come back just before sunset (around 7 hours riding).

– It includes local picnic lunch.

– Qualified guide with insurance.

– Price: 90€/pax

– Reservations on +34616256704 or


Romantic Horse Trek: Guejar Sierra

It was in June 2014. We went with Tachenko y Cigarrero.

guejarsierracaballosThe route was recorded with GPS and you can find it in Wikiloc, there you can see time, distances and a lot more of details. The link is Las Encinillas – Cortijo La Viña – Restaurante Maitena – Camino del tranvía restaurado – Restaurante La Fabriquilla – Paseo de los Románticos y vuelta por el mismo sitio (en wikiloc)

restmaitenaPicture taken in Restaurante Maitena. From the first part I did not take pictures, but you can see pictures of the TramWay Walk in  Ruta del Tranvía de Güéjar Sierra en el blog del Tranvía Amarillo

bajadapaseoromanticos3The trek has plenty of signals posts. At half way there is a “rest area”.


Tackenko en primer plano y Cigarrero al fondo


Cigarrero. Toda la subida es por un bosque de encinas espectacular

bajadapaseoromanticos6I do not have too many pictures, you can see plenty of them in  reportaje fotográfico bueno de el Paseo de los Románticos está en el blog del Tranvía Amarillo .

Going down is difficult and dangerous. So I would get ready in advance ( for example you can contact me) to avoid risks.

bajadapaseoromanticos bajadapaseoromanticos2There you can see how it is.

bajadapaseoromanticos7 bajadapaseoromanticos8

Horse Trek in Sierra Nevada: Guejar Sierra – Jerez del Marquesado – Berchules – Trevelez – Refugio del Poqueira – Guejar Sierra

A caballo en el refugio del Poqueira

Arriving to mountain shelter Poqueira, Sierra Nevada, enjoying first snow of the year

Map of the route would be like this:


Round route Guejar Sierra – Jerez del Maruesado – Berchules – Trevelez – Refugio del Poqueira – Guejar Sierra

Each part was quite difficult, with an average distance of 25-30km daily. Even if they do not look too much in this kind of terrain it is a long distance.

Caballo Guejar Sierra

Rebujito y Ringo, ready for departure

Going to Jerez del Marquesado we stopped quite close to Dehesa del Camarate.

IMG_4501And in this way we finished the first day.

Refugio del Postero Alto

Postero Alto Shelter

In the morning, Ringo was there taking care of our things and Rebujito ready for departure.


Ringo alert



We stopped for eating wit these views

Refugio Postero Alto

Y these are “snow stars”

Estrella de las nieves

Estrella de las nieves


caballo guejar sierra sierra nevada

Bad weather is coming

caballo guejar sierra sierra nevada

In our way to Bérchules


caballo guejar sierra sierra nevada

Some places were far from safe

Bérchules a caballo


Next day weather got worst.

Trevélez a caballo

En los pinos, hacia Trevélez

Trevelez a caballo

Finally we arrived, wet.

Trevelez Refugio Poqueira

From Trevelez to Poqueira Shelter fog and rain made interesting our steps

Refugio Poqueira Caballo

Finally we did it, soaking wet

To look shelter pictures Refugio del Poqueira, go to their website

Last day: Río Seco.

A caballo Río Seco.

Laguna de Río Seco. La niebla y el frío nos lo pusieron bien difícil.

Sierra Nevada a caballo

Una última parada en el Albergue Universitario de Sierra Nevada



Guejar Sierra horse riding to Jerez Marquesado.

They were a couple from France, coming from  Camping Las Lomas. They own three orses and they use to ride quite often. We only had one weekend.

IMG_4438So we prepared something quite wild. We would go to Jerez using Piedra Partida track (Sulayr) and coming back day after using Collado del Alguacil track. Near 80km ein two days in this kind of terrain it is something reserved only for strong riders and horses.

IMG_4441The picture above is Piedra Partida. We took five horses:  Curro, Cigarrero, Tachenko, Figo y Rebujito.

Figo below in La piedra de los Soldados

IMG_4442In Jerez we stayed in Hotel Picón de Sierra Nevada

IMG_4447We saw eagles and a lot of cows

IMG_4449The horses did very nicely, despite how strong and difficult the terrain was.






Riding – Trekking from 10€ one hour

2014/2015 is starting and you plan how the year is going to be. Riding in Sierra Nevada is a wonderful experience both for children and adults, alone or with your family.

claseseq1If you want to leave behind noise and busy days, if you want your children to practice an exciting sport and that will allow them to be surrounded by nature from the first second, here it is your chance.




– For children (from 4 years old or more) and adults.
– Classes will be individual or in a very small group (4 people at the most)
– Groups will be according to ages and level of the riders.
– Teaching will be in our track or in the countryside depending on the evolution of the riders.
– Qualified teacher, civil insurance and proved safety.
– 10 Horas riding tickets for 100€. It does not expire and it can be used all year round and for several people.
– The ticket will give the families the right to enjoy Cortijo Las Encinillas premises, and automatically you will join Las Encinillas Club.
– For more info call us in +34 616256704 or you cam email us in


claseseq9This is your chance for visiting Sierra Nevada with your children. Riding was never cheaper and easier.

claseseq4Pictures around belong to our friends and costumers during this summer. Thanks a lot for coming to visit us.



From England to Sierra Nevada

Wonderful visit from England to Sierra Nevada

I cut/paste their review from Facebook

Mel Francis

Fantastic for beginners and experts alike. Beautiful well trained horses, good equipment and in a stunning setting. We would recommend Victor to anyone, he is passionate about his horses and a wonderful guide. The scenery was spectacular. We will certainly be back!


IMG_4319I paste again

Celia Haigh

Thank you Victor for a wonderful morning in spectacular scenery with your beautiful horses. I would not hesitate to recommend the stables to anyone who wishes to ride in this area. Horses suitable for every ability and an excellent guide.

Mel, correcting my poor English, told me that I have to say “trekking” better than horse riding. I take good note. Thanks Mel.

They were coming from Casa San Tomas in Guejar Sierra, a place I recommend.

You can view millions of more pictures in their facebook