Guejar Sierra horse riding to Jerez Marquesado.

They were a couple from France, coming from  Camping Las Lomas. They own three orses and they use to ride quite often. We only had one weekend.

IMG_4438So we prepared something quite wild. We would go to Jerez using Piedra Partida track (Sulayr) and coming back day after using Collado del Alguacil track. Near 80km ein two days in this kind of terrain it is something reserved only for strong riders and horses.

IMG_4441The picture above is Piedra Partida. We took five horses:  Curro, Cigarrero, Tachenko, Figo y Rebujito.

Figo below in La piedra de los Soldados

IMG_4442In Jerez we stayed in Hotel Picón de Sierra Nevada

IMG_4447We saw eagles and a lot of cows

IMG_4449The horses did very nicely, despite how strong and difficult the terrain was.






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