Route: Guejar Sierra – Granada – Beas de Granada – Prado Negro – Guejar Sierra

IMG_1013webThis trip will allow you ti visit Granada on horseback, see the Alhambra and flamenco dancers and go on with your horse. It is a three days / four nights trip.


First Day: Guejar Sierra – Granada.

IMG_0974webAfter leaving Guejar Sierra, we will head North-West and will cross old cortijos with olive trees and grapes, crossing Guejar, Quentar y Dudar.

IMG_0978webIn our way we will have lunch in a local Fonda, where we will try the local and season food.

IMG_0971webAfter four-five hour riding along the river Darro, we will get into Granada.

IMG_0981web IMG_0983webWe will stop in Sacromonte to have some beers and maybe this wonderful lady will show us around her cave-home (Sacromonte is famous because its caves).

Second day: Granada – Prado Negro.

IMG_0991webAfter getting up and preparing the horses we are ready to go up, North, following a refreshing river valley path and crossing some olive trees fields.

IMG_0997webOf course, the horses and we need some water. There is no better place than in front of the town church.

IMG_1001webWe go on direction North getting into the Sierra. Some places are not for beginners.

IMG_1003webWe will cross over a lunar white stone quarry.

IMG_1004webAnd today we will eat in the countryside among pines and ferns.

IMG_1009webWe will follow route after eating and reach a beautiful river to take some fresh air.

IMG_1014webIn our way we always will find cows or goats…

IMG_1020webAnd we will reach Prado Negro after six-seven hours riding.

Third day: Prado Negro – Guejar Sierra.

Going south is always easier.

IMG_1023webWe will follow a complete different route to go back home, crossing Quentar and the Quentar Water Reservoir.

IMG_1040webAn we will reach home after 6-7 hours riding.


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